Starting a Hedge Fund in BVI

With the high number of tax laws in the United States combined with coming financial and tax reforms, starting a Hedge Fund in BVI (British Virgin Islands) has become an even more popular choice for fund managers. Even if you are looking at forming your first fund, you should consider starting a BVI Fund. The tax advantages of using an off shore fund can increase the profitability for both you and your investors.

Added complication comes with formation of off-shore account. Along with the typical domestic fund formation setup:

• Create a Fund Team
• Name Your Fund
• Choose the Right Law Firm
• Obtain Anchor Capital
• Select the Right Prime Broker
• Obtain Prestigious Office Space
• Utilize the proper Marketing Group

You also have to be aware of foreign laws and liabilities.

That is exactly why Stonegate Global created our Hedge Fund in a Box solution for starting a BVI Fund. We have utilized our expertise in off shore fund formation to put together an all-in-one package for fund formation. Our Fund structures in the BVI offer:

• BVI Business Company, International Limited Partnerships and/or Unit Trusts
• Relatively low cost as compared to other jurisdictions
• Speed an ease of BVI entities
• English legal system
• Solid and reputable regulatory and compliance infrastructure
• Private funds (Those which are restricted to either having no more than 50 investors or only making an invitation to subscribe for or purchase fund interests on a private basis)
• Professional fund (Funds which may only issue fund interests to “professional investors” with an initial investment which may not be less than US$100,000)
• Public fund (A Fund which has a greater regulation, imposed as no restrictions on investors or minimum investment)

Call us right now to get started setting up your own BVI Fund.

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