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Structure and Administration of Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology Funds

By John McCorvey / November 24, 2017 /

Stonegate Global is uniquely positioned to offer industry-leading fund formation and fund administration solutions, providing unique cross-jurisdictional expertise for domestic and offshore cryptocurrency funds. Stonegate Global’s product suite is designed to meet the unique challenges of this emerging asset class. Although numerous cryptocurrency hedge funds have launched over the past couple of years, there still…


The Artful Balance of Team Building & Outsourcing

By John McCorvey / April 21, 2016 /

Bloomberg’s recent article regarding team building and outsourcing highlights the important balance of outsourcing functional services while maintaining operational responsibilities within the organization.  This approach allows the senior management team of successful investment funds to focus their time and attention on asset management and asset growth. Bloomberg stated, “…never forget that you outsource function—not responsibility.…


“Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful” – Warren Buffett

By John McCorvey / April 20, 2016 /

In 1989 and 1990, Berkshire Hathaway paid $290 million for its 10% stake in Wells Fargo. Today, the dividends from that investment alone add up to more than $700 million a year. The shares themselves, meanwhile, are worth more than $23 billion. Fascinating article from Motley Fool regarding Berkshire Hathaway’s bet on Wells Fargo which…


Stonegate Global on Differentiating A New Hedge Fund

By John McCorvey / October 16, 2015 /

“A fund may not yet have a record of success, but choosing a reputable team of employees and service providers can help ease investors’ worries.” (Bloomberg Professional) Stonegate Global conquers the hurdle emerging managers face when struggling to differentiate their fund from the competition. “Sophisticated investors willing to buy in to an untested fund are going to…


Stonegate commends Agecroft Partners for their pledge to donate 100% of Hedgeopolis profits to charitable organizations

By John McCorvey / October 13, 2015 /

Stonegate Global commends third party marketing firm, Agecroft Partners, for their pledge to donate 100% of Hedgeopolis New York 2015 profits to charitable organizations, aimed at benefiting children. Agecroft Partners also donated $100,000 in proceeds from Hedgeopolis 2014 to non-profit organizations. Click to learn more about Agecroft Chartiable Donation.



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