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Hedge Fund Capital Introduction Event in NYC

By John McCorvey / November 17, 2011 /

Stonegate Global Fund Services is sponsoring our quarterly capital introduction event on December 13th in NYC. The event will be held at a private venue in midtown Manhattan on Tuesday, December 13, 2011. The event will feature 25 hedge fund managers to discuss opportunities they see in their strategies. There will also be an opportunity…


Starting a Hedge Fund in BVI

By John McCorvey / April 15, 2010 /

With the high number of tax laws in the United States combined with coming financial and tax reforms, starting a Hedge Fund in BVI (British Virgin Islands) has become an even more popular choice for fund managers. Even if you are looking at forming your first fund, you should consider starting a BVI Fund. The…


Fund Formation – Starting a Hedge Fund – Stonegate Global

By John McCorvey / May 15, 2009 /

There are plenty of articles and advice out there about starting your own Hedge Fund. They make it sound so simple and easy to create a hedge fund team, name your fund, choose the right law firm, get anchor capital, pick the right prime broker, obtain office space and then utilize the proper PR Marketing…


7 Keys for Starting a Hedge Fund – Structural Considerations

By John McCorvey / August 17, 2008 /

7 Keys for Starting a Hedge Fund – Structural Considerations There are a number of structural considerations to think about prior to launching a hedge fund or other investment fund, such as a private equity fund or a real estate fund. Some of these considerations include the type of entity to structure, the domicile, whether…


Forming A Real Estate Fund

By John McCorvey / July 15, 2008 /

In today’s tumultuous investing atmosphere there are opportunities to be captured by sharp investors. While the most stalwart of old line companies may have appeared to be a safe hedge against inflation and a profitable gain you may want to also consider investing in a more tangible type of investment. Real estate has for many…



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