The Competitive Hedge in Creating A Successful Hedge Fund – HFMWeek Special Report

Stonegate Global recently partnered with HFMWeek to write an editorial for its Special Report series, How To Start A Hedge Fund in the US 2015, which was published in February 2015. HFMWeek is a UK-based, leading publication that delivers daily news and weekly magazines to the Hedge Fund industry. HFMWeek services managers, investors and members of the global Hedge Fund community by providing detailed coverage of news and developments all over the globe.

“In the latest HFM report we speak to leading industry figures including service providers, fund administrators and technology experts. These specialists discuss the various steps involved in launching a fund and the most suitable fund structures available. We also analyze the evolving challenges facing start-up funds in 2015, from raising capital to cyber security requirements and regulatory and compliance. Finally, this report seeks to look ahead and educate emerging managers on the steps to take to give oneself the best chance to survive and prosper in this complex and fast-paced marketplace.” Says Drew Nicol, report editor of HFMWeek.

In the special report written by Stonegate, “The Competitive Hedge in Creating A Successful Hedge Fund”, John McCorvey III, William Chong and Michael Blackburn of Stonegate Global, discuss the most successful approach to fund formation and global marketing to sophisticated institutional investors. The Stonegate team discusses the tasks involved with fund formation and operational management, the intricacies of portfolio management, as well as commenting on the current capital flow trends and new requirements for institutional investors. The team also examines the most recent industry regulatory changes, such as the JOBS Act and new CAQ-AI-CPA guidelines, and further analyzes the complexities of attracting institutional capital and operational management in the ever-evolving hedge fund landscape.

To read the full editorial written by the Stonegate Global team, “The Competitive Hedge in Creating A Successful Hedge Fund”, click here:

Stonegate Global and HFMWeek Special Report

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