How to Start a Hedge Fund – The New Era of Hedge Fund Creation and Operational Management

Stonegate Global Fund Services is proud to announce the release of “How Do you start a hedge fund?”, a white paper we Co-authored with Grant Thornton. Please read for details on how to start a hedge fund.

Stonegate Global teamed up with Grant Thornton to outline the process and various options regarding how to start a hedge fund. The content discusses domestic and offshore fund structures and contains a section regarding audit and tax considerations of fund structuring.

In order to efficiently start a hedge fund or other alternative investment fund, managers have numerous elements to consider. Stonegate Global streamlines the process of fund formation, assisting managers with every aspect of fund formation and fund administration, providing offering documents, formation, regulatory and compliance services, as well as ongoing fund administration services.

How Do You Start a Hedge Fund – Stonegate Global & Grant Thornton

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