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Cayman Islands (CAY) Offshore Fund Formation:

We offer full service Cayman Islands (CAY) Offshore Fund formation services, as well as fund formation in other jurisdictions including BVI, Bermuda, the Bahamas, Dubai, Guernsey, Jersey, Seychelles, Belize, Panama, Mauritius, Luxembourg, Dublin, Hong Kong, the Isle of Man, and other well-established offshore jurisdictions.

Determining where to domicile a fund, whether a US-based fund or offshore fund, can only be made based on the specific requirements of the investors and management team. Each jurisdiction has various benefits and certain jurisdictions might be more appropriate than another based on investor needs as well as those of the fund manager. Each jurisdiction has its own set of regulatory requirements and tax benefits, and these are additional factors to consider when determining the best location to domicile a hedge fund or other investment scheme.

Our team specializes in the formation of offshore Cayman funds, as the Cayman Islands offer robust benefits for managers and investors looking to domicile their fund in an offshore location. Fund structures in the Cayman Islands offer:

  • Cayman Business Company, International Limited Partnerships and/or Unit Trusts
  • One of the most prestigious offshore jurisdictions available to fund managers
  • Speed and ease of Cayman entities
  • English legal system
  • Solid and reputable regulatory and compliance infrastructure
  • Private funds (Those which are restricted to either having no more than 50 investors or only making an invitation to subscribe for or purchase fund interests on a private basis)
  • Professional funds (Funds which may only issue fund interests to “professional investors” with an initial investment which may not be less than US$100,000)
  • Public fund (A Fund which has a greater regulation, imposed as no restrictions on investors or minimum investment)

Funds domiciled in the Cayman Islands may also have some tax advantages. Cayman funds and functionaries are exempt from Cayman income tax. Furthermore, investors in Cayman funds are not liable to any Cayman income tax with respect to fund interests. There are no estate, inheritance, succession or gift taxes payable in the Cayman Islands with respect to any interests in a fund.

To find out more about how to start a CAY fund, or our leading edge products, please give us a call at 800.939.5320

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