Comprehensive Solution

Our turnkey hedge fund solution provides traders, family offices, private equity managers, real estate investors and prospective hedge fund managers access to an in-house comprehensive suite of services in order to establish and administer their investment fund. Start a hedge fund today with our comprehensive solution.
Our Comprehensive Solution

  • The Industry Leading Solution for Managers interested in launching domestic and offshore hedge funds, private equity funds or real estate funds
  • All-inclusive Solution to Start a Hedge Fund or other types of investment management fund structures
  • The most streamlined and cost effective solution in the industry
  • In house expertise providing comprehensive coverage of the hedge fund industry

Our Comprehensive Solution

  • Fund Formation including advising manager with respect to fund structure and domicile
  • Fund Offering Documents including the preparation of the respective domestic fund entity partnership agreement and fund offering documents (PPM and LPA), along with the company operating agreements
  • Fund Compliance which involves an initial compliance review and advisory work, filing Form D, state blue sky filings, as well as state and/or federal registered investment advisory (RIA) setup and
  • Form ADV filings
  • Fund Administration and the management of the books and records, including portfolio and fund accounting, financial statements, calculation of NAV, shareholder reporting, investor subscriptions and redemptions, and facilitation of capital calls
  • Marketing and Media packages, which incorporate full presentation materials, company branding and identity, one-pagers, and a website
  • For Hedge Funds, the solution also provides for the establishment of a Prime Brokerage account with a FINRA-registered broker dealer with which we have a strategic partnership
  • Legal Counsel of Record for the fund is provided by experienced hedge fund attorneys with whom we have a strategic partnership
  • Audit/Tax services are provided by reputable and well-recognized global fund audit/tax firms with which maintain a strategic relationship

Our comprehensive solution provides clients with a streamlined process for structuring a hedge fund or other investment management fund vehicle. With our comprehensive solution, you can go from investment concept to fund inception within a matter of weeks.

Our comprehensive solution allows you to focus on managing your investment strategy and raising capital from your investors while we handle all the rest.

To find out more about our leading edge products, or how to start a hedge fund, please give us a call at 800.939.5320