Stonegate Global Expands Crypto, DeFi, NFT & Web3 Fund Administration Business with New Head of Digital Assets Group, Skyler Steinke

Sklyer Steinke | stonegateglobal.comNew York, May 24, 2022 – Stonegate Global Fund Services, one of the world’s leading crypto, DeFi, NFT & Web3 fund administration and global advisory firms (“Stonegate Global”), today announced that the firm has expanded its Digital Assets Group with the addition of Managing Director, Skyler Steinke, a 20-year veteran in the fund administration industry.

Stonegate Global, servicing institutional fund clients with approximately $20 billion in assets, and having served digital asset fund managers since 2013, has seen a tremendous growth in the cryptocurrency asset class. “We are excited to have Skyler join our rapidly growing team.  As Managing Director of our Digital Assets Group, he will be involved in our operations and will work closely with our clients at a time when we are seeing an unprecedented opportunity to evolve and expand our proprietary crypto platform,” said John McCorvey, CEO and Founder of Stonegate Global.

Mr. Steinke leaves Sudrania Fund Services to join Stonegate Global after 2 years of leading Sudrania’s 2020 expansion into the crypto and digital asset space.  Of his 20-year tenure in the fund administration industry, Mr. Steinke’s 7 years of expertise in the crypto fund administration space includes 5 years at Gemini Fund Services (merged with Ultimus Fund Solutions), 2 years at Sudrania Fund Services, and an MIT Certification of Blockchain Technologies. “I couldn’t be more excited.  I was drawn to Stonegate Global’s incredible expertise and technology in complex crypto and DeFi funds, the firm’s client relationship model, and the opportunity to support the exponential growth of NFT and Web3 funds. Many crypto fund administrators claim to have the capabilities to support complex crypto and DeFi funds without executing, whereas Stonegate Global actually delivers on this mission. To be part of such a seasoned team of 15+ operations managing directors averaging 20 plus years of fund operations experience is an exciting opportunity for me.”

Regarding the most recent events with the Terra (Luna) and UST issues, Mr. Steinke stated, “Now more than ever, Stonegate’s decade-long experience in crypto and digital assets is key as the industry continues to grow exponentially despite volatility in market pricing. We continue to see strong demand for new institutional digital asset funds despite the most recent market hiccup. The true institutional players clearly view these events as speed bumps on the road to broader ecosystem adoption.”

Mr. McCorvey added, “Crypto, digital assets, DeFi and Web3 collectively is a complex and ever-evolving market and niche area in the institutional investment space. Institutional clients and fund managers seek out Stonegate Global and our Crypto360TM platform for guidance, global advisory and fund administration, as we know that volatility and periodic shocks are simply a part of the cycle, evolution and maturation of the digital asset class. These things tend to be net positive as they create a flight to quality in the ecosystem and set the stage for further exponential growth.”

With Stonegate Global already serving over 150 institutional crypto funds, Mr. Steinke is welcomed by a growing team of blockchain engineers, data scientists, investor services and NAV accounting specialists. Stonegate Global and its BlueRock blockchain technology subsidiary continue designing new technology solutions with a focused commitment to future-proof the fast-paced growth of the crypto industry to ensure the best client experience through innovation and improved efficiency.

About Stonegate Global Fund Services:

Stonegate Global – including its subsidiaries – are a technology-focused and innovative leader in fund administration, global advisory and fund structuring for crypto funds, hedge funds, venture capital funds, real estate funds and private equity funds. Stonegate Global specializes in servicing DeFi crypto funds involved in staking, yield farming, lending platforms and liquidity mining.

Stonegate Global is recognized as one of the global leaders in cryptocurrency, having serviced crypto funds since 2013 including some of the largest and most well-recognized funds in the crypto space, including spot crypto strategies, HFT, options, futures, perpetual swaps, DeFi, staking, yield farming, lending, NFT, Metaverse and Web3.0 strategies. Stonegate Global has served over 500 clients worldwide, delivering its innovative solutions to sophisticated institutional investment funds and portfolio managers. Stonegate’s clients include global family offices, institutional investment funds, pension funds, multi-manager funds and other alternative investment funds. With a proprietary technology platform tailored to serve the most complex digital asset fund needs, Stonegate Global is one of the top crypto fund administration firms globally.

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