How to Start a Hedge Fund


Starting a Hedge Fund can be an exciting yet complex endeavor, requiring a profound understanding of intricate legal, business, and strategic aspects essential for effective fund structuring, regulatory compliance, and fund operations.

Numerous, complex offering documents, including a Private Placement Memorandum or Offering Memorandum, Investor Subscription Agreements, Partnership Agreements, and Investment Management Agreements, amongst others, are necessary for deploying an alternative investment fund product.

Whereas most institutional-level Hedge Funds initially launch with between $250M and $500M or as much as $1B, middle-market Hedge Funds often launch with between $50M and $250M, while emerging manager Hedge Funds launch with $10M to $25M in assets, and smaller friends and family Hedge Funds launch with $10M in assets or less.

The determination of the most appropriate Prime Broker based on the investment strategy, instruments traded, leverage aspects, trading environment requirements, as well as other considerations, is also a critical step in the formation process and ultimately for the deployment of the Hedge Fund.

Structuring Open-end Hedge Funds, spanning long/short equity and options strategies, directional and sector-specific, market neutral, relative value, convertible and merger arbitrage, global macro, event-driven and others, requires a keen understanding of these complex investment strategies, the underlying instruments in which they trade, Fund leverage components, as well as the full spectrum of trading, accounting and operations, tailored to these various bespoke investment products.

Determining key decision points such as the most appropriate global jurisdiction in which to establish the Fund, and the most appropriate type of Fund product within each jurisdiction, requires consideration of the Fund’s investors, the investment strategy, as well as various other important aspects of navigating the complex maze of Fund structuring and formation.

It is this domain expertise in global Hedge Fund Advisory and Fund Administration that distinguishes Stonegate Global Fund Administration and BlueRock Fund Advisors, both of which offer a level of unparalleled sophistication and insight unmatched by other international service providers.

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