ICO Structuring

Initial Coin Offering

Stonegate Global Initial Coin Offering (ICO) services and team has a proven track record structuring token sales and blockchain start-ups. Stonegate Global has been at the forefront of the cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and ICO space, our global network, award winning reputation, and strong relationships – help companies thrive in an ever evolving market.

Stonegate Global selects legitimate and credible ICO clients behind each token sale. Our ICO experts work with each client to select the right corporate structure for your company’s token sale.

Initial Coin Offering services:

  • Investigations of regulatory aspects in other jurisdictions (e.g. SEC regulations) related to a ICO Categorization of revenues from token sale
  • Help to define business strategy for short, medium and long term
  • Review of business plan and white paper, building credible business roadmap
  • Choose domicile and entity most compatible with business strategy
  • Review cap structure to ensure compatibility with founder goals and investor expectation
  • Align token distribution, monetary policies , decide best type of ICO structure
  • Review and begin compliance with regulatory requirements in relevant jurisdictions
  • Conduct IP audit to ensure IP appropriately protected in all relevant jurisdictions
  • Prepare corporate and shareholder documentation as necessary
  • Help to prepare and refine business plan and related disclosure documents for capital raise
  • Oversee and assist through ICO process
  • Define of legal and tax structure
  • Accounting, employment matters and outsourcing service
  • Incorporation services
  • AML tracing of crypto currencies