Private Equity

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Although starting a private equity fund is similar to starting a hedge fund, there are a number of issues specific to private equity that need special consideration. Additionally, the marketing strategy of a private equity fund requires specific expertise which is key given the long-term nature of the private equity investments and the fund structure.

Our full service solutions will streamline the process of creating your private equity fund and includes:

  • Preliminary evaluation of the investment strategy and business considerations
  • Advising the manager with respect to the long term plan of the fund or family of funds
  • Outline of business structure which includes specific considerations
  • Defining fund structure with legal and compliance
  • Providing fund documents and offering documents
  • Fund Administration including monthly or quarterly accounting, calculating the fund’s NAV, shareholder reporting
  • Fund Administration including investor subscriptions and redemptions, as well as facilitating capital calls
  • Advising and introducing an auditor who will provide comprehensive fund accounting
  • On-going consultation

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