Crypto DeFi Fund Formation

Crypto DeFi Fund Formation Process

Establishing a Crypto DeFi Fund trading spot crypto, stable coins, staking, lending, DeFi, liquidity pools, yield farming, and other various crypto instruments, requires a deep understanding of the broader crypto markets, the crypto industry as a whole, blockchain technology, crypto exchanges, crypto instruments, DeFi protocols, various trading strategies investing in these instruments, leverage components, margin requirements, technology systems and operational processes and procedures in order to appropriately structure a Crypto DeFi Fund which can deploy this type of investment strategy and supporting investor requirements for these types of investment products.  


Stonegate Global manages all of the various critical aspects of the Crypto DeFi Fund formation process including:

  • Preliminary evaluation and consultation on the investment strategy, investment instruments, investor audience and requirements, investment fund requirements and business considerations
  • Determination of fund structure and jurisdiction
  • Determination of regulatory compliance requirements
  • Creating the Crypto DeFi Fund and related entities, and create and provide the Fund offering documents (OM/PPM, IMA, LPA, Operating Agreements and Subscription Agreements)
  • Crypto Exchange, Crypto Prime Brokerage, Banking and Audit introductions
  • Completing all of the appropriate regulatory requirements including NFA/CFTC filings, SEC filings, State investment advisor filings, Form D, Form ADV, blue sky filings, etc., as well as all appropriate offshore fund filing requirements
  • Development of Fund marketing materials (Pitch Book, Overview and Tear Sheet), along with Fund website and other online assets
  • Establish Cap Intro relationship and TPM
  • Onboard with Fund Administrator, technology setup, prime brokerage connectivity, investor AML/KYC onboarding, investor web portal, treasury services, etc.

We cover the life cycle of Fund Formation, from Structuring the Fund, the Management Company, and the General Partner, to delivering Regulatory Compliance services and providing ongoing Fund Administration services, Cap Intro and Fund Marketing Services.

As a global institutional financial services company offering a broad array of solutions to our clients, our objective is to be a strategic partner with our clients, streamlining processes, providing cost effective and comprehensive solutions, as well as providing value added services.

Stonegate Global provides its fund formation and fund administration services to large global institutions, as well as to small and mid-sized emerging investment fund managers. Our Fund360 Solution offers clients a range of comprehensive services inclusive of Fund Formation and Structuring inclusive of all offering documents (OM/PPM, IMA, LPA, Operating Agreements and Subscription Agreements), Regulatory Compliance, Fund Administration, Cap Intro, as well as a range of Fund Marketing Services.

Our goal is to serve current and future clients with world-class client service, leveraging our global footprint and expertise across multiple asset classes, and continually support our clients in growing their investment fund businesses.