PrimeOne Solution

Our newest comprehensive solution, Stonegate PrimeOneprovides a comprehensive asset growth solution for existing fund managers. The Stonegate PrimeOne solution provides an unparalleled opportunity for existing hedge fund managers to leverage a suite of capital growth business solutions.

Stonegate PrimeOneSM is comprised of a customized suite of services including capital introduction, fund administration, prime brokerage, trade execution and third party marketing for vetted and approved hedge funds*. Stonegate PrimeOneSM leverages Stonegate’s Hedge Fund Wrap AccountSM to create a growth oriented capital solution, inclusive of institutional quality fund service offerings to meet the needs of existing hedge fund managers.

Here at Stonegate, we recognize the challenges and opportunities that hedge fund managers face and we want to ensure that we are able to support our clients with value-added services in every way possible. We are confident that our scope of comprehensive services and business solutions provided to our clients is unmatched in our industry.

The Stonegate PrimeOne Solution

  • Capital Introduction
  • Fund Administration
  • Prime Brokerage Solutions
  • Trade Execution
  • Third Party Marketing
  • For vetted and approved hedge funds*

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*Stonegate is not a broker-dealer. Each account is customized for an individual client and may or may not include all services listed above. Each account requires approval by Stonegate Global Fund Services at its sole and absolute discretion. Any and all securities and/or brokerage services are offered through and provided by a Stonegate-designated, FINRA registered broker-dealer. Stonegate Global Fund Services does not provide legal services. Any and all legal services are offered through and provided by a Stonegate-designated attorney and/or law firm. Stonegate Global Fund Services does not provide tax advice. Any and all Tax services are offered through and provided by a licensed CPA firm.