C-Suite Services

Our comprehensive solution services group, Stonegate C-Suite, provides an outsourced business solution for alternative investment managers which includes the customary duties and services that are typically performed by the investment management company’s internal CFO, COO and CCO. The solution’s value-added approach is structured to support and enhance, but not replace, the investment management company’s senior operations team.

The Stonegate C-Suite services provides an institutional quality infrastructure which is customized to meet the needs of alternative fund managers, including services such as due diligence requests, investor subscriptions, AML compliance, regulatory compliance, FATCA compliance, management company financial operations, reconciliations, cash management, shadow accounting, audit management and provides daily use of Stonegate Global’s resources for other financial and operational requirements.Stonegate C-Suite services allows you to focus on managing your investment strategy and raising capital from your investors while we handle all the rest.

The Stonegate C-Suite Services Group

  • The industry leading solution for investment managers interested in institutional quality infrastructure designed to meet operational needs of emerging managers
  • All-inclusive outsourced solution to add value to an investment management company’s operational team
  • The most streamlined and cost effective solution in the industry
  • In house expertise providing comprehensive coverage of the alternative investment industry

The Stonegate C-Suite Services

  • Due Diligence Requests
  • Investor Subscriptions
  • AML Compliance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • FATCA Compliance
  • Management Company Financial Operations
  • Reconciliations and Cash Management
  • Shadow Accounting
  • Audit Management
  • Other Financial and Operational Requirements

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*Stonegate is not a broker-dealer. Each account is customized for an individual client and may or may not include all services listed above. Each account requires approval by Stonegate Global Fund Services at its sole and absolute discretion. Any and all securities and/or brokerage services are offered through and provided by a Stonegate-designated, FINRA registered broker-dealer. Stonegate Global Fund Services does not provide legal services. Any and all legal services are offered through and provided by a Stonegate-designated attorney and/or law firm. Stonegate Global Fund Services does not provide tax advice. Any and all Tax services are offered through and provided by a licensed CPA firm.